Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds:
# 10: Tonkinese

Is the Tonk actually a dog in cat disguise?  Many Tonkinese owners swear they are!  They like nothing better than a game of fetch or "hide and seek", will greet you at the door when you get home, and are very affectionate.  Be careful when leaving a Tonk alone while you're at work, though, as a bored Tonkinese can be a bit destructive.  Some say a companion Tonk will solve the problem.
#9: American Shorthair

Although the term is often used to describe the "alley cat" of mixed parentage, the pedigreed American Shorthair is known for its robust health, large eyes and short, broad face.  They are one of the best all-around "family cats", well known for their affectionate nature and amicable relations with dogs and children.  But if you have a mouse problem in your home, not to worry.  They haven't lost that hunting instinct inherent in most cats!
#8: Oriental

The Oriental is extremely intelligent and curious, a combination that can sometimes lead to trouble.  They have been known to open drawers, doors, even your purse!  Your Oriental craves human affection more than the average cat, and will become quite forelorn if you ignore him.  They retain the energy and spirit of a kitten well into adulthood.
#7: Birman

Birmans have a very sweet and even-tempered personality, and actively seek out human companionship.   They will follow you around the house, greet you when you get home, and need to be actively involved in whatever you're doing!  Along with its above-average size, the most striking feature of the Birman are its beautiful blue eyes. 
#6: Ragdoll

Some male Ragdolls can weigh up to and above 30 pounds.  That doesn't sound like much, but it's very big for a cat!  Despite their imposing size, Ragdolls are quite docile, and many will not put up a fight if threatened.  Consider adopting a Ragdoll if you want an affectionate and very "easy going" cat.
#5 Abyssinian

Although they can cost a bit more than most cats, the Abyssinian is still one of the most popular cats, making it to #5. Plus, they are #1 on the top 10 friendliest cats list.  The Aby is very people oriented, and always wants to be by your side, to know exactly what you're doing!  It would be very difficult to find a cat more loyal than the Abyssinian.
#4 Siamese

The royal cats of Siam, favorite of Siamese royalty, were at one time regarded as sacred.  They were the watch cats of the temples, it is said that their loud cries warned of the approach of the enemy.  This devoted cat does have an unusual voice that almost sounds as if he's talking to you!  He's quick witted, and an excellent jumper and climber. Siamese are very much like dogs as far as personality is concerned.  They will happily follow their masters, and don't mind walking with a leash.  Surprisingly, the Siamese is noted as one of the least friendliest cats with strangers. One of the most intelligent cats, they can often be mischievous and highly entertaining!
#3: Exotic a.k.a. Shorthaired Persian

Exotics are simply Persians with short hair.  They have the same friendly yet dignified characteristics of the long haired Persian, but much easier to groom.
#2: Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat has a long, thick coat and the temperament of the Domestic Shorthair.  The Coon cat was so named in the mistaken belief that it was half raccoon.  He has far less undercoat than the Persian and is much less inclined to suffer from mats and tangles.  This is a good thing, as Coon cats are very active and excellent "ratters".  In fact, they were originally bred to control the rat populations on Maine farms.
#1: Persian

Number one on our list is the Persian, long known as the aristocrat of catdom! Persians come in a variety of colors, in fact twenty to thirty colors are recognized within this classification.  They are most known for their thick and luxurious coat, large eyes, and short but sturdy-legged body.  It is because of this body type that the Persian has a "slow moving dignity" about them, making them a quiet and relaxed pet, unexcelled for it's decorative value!  Although wary around children, Persians are still among the most affectionate and loyal of cats (In fact, they are #7 on the top 10 friendliest cats list).  Throughout the years, they have consistently ranked as the most popular cat breed ever.  In fact, they have been the most popular cat breed every year since 1871!
According to the World Cat Fanciers Association, these are the top 10 pedigreed (meaning the cat's parents were the same breed) cats, listed by number of registered owners in 2003:
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