Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds In The World
#10: Chantilly/Tiffany

The Chantilly/Tiffany breed (right) can be described as moderate in personality.  Simply stated, it means the Tiffany is neither lazy or overactive, a trait many cat owners find desirable.  They are affectionate, loyal, and friendly, although just a little wary around strangers.
#9: Somali

The Somali (right) is one cat that likes to be noticed.  You won't find him hiding on the top of the entertainment center, he would much rather be on your lap giving affection.  Some Somalies are so affectionate, they will choose human contact over food!  They also tend to remain playful all their lives, having just as much fun with toys as kittens do.  As a Somali owner, expect to have your cat beside you at all times.
#7: Persian

The Persian (below) has long been known as the aristocrat of catdom!  They are most known for their thick and luxurious coat, large eyes, and short but sturdy-legged body.  It is because of this body type that the Persian has a "slow moving dignity" about them, making them a quiet and relaxed pet, unexcelled for it's decorative value!  Persians are among the most affectionate and loyal of cats.  Throughout the years, they have consistently ranked as one of the most popular cat breeds ever.
#6: Manx

The Manx (left) breed are primarily known for "tailless" gene.  Essentially, different Manx cats can be born with different sized tails, or even no tail at all.  Despite this, Manx are extremely athletic. They have very powerful back legs that enable them to accelerate quickly, and jump to surprising heights.  Like many of the cats on our list, the Manx tend to bond strongly with their owners, but may have difficulty with moving to a new home.
#5: Maine Coon

The Maine Coon (right) cat has a long, thick coat and the temperament of the Domestic Shorthair.  The Coon cat was so named in the mistaken belief that it was half raccoon.  He has far less undercoat than the Persian and is much less inclined to suffer from mats and tangles.  This is a good thing, as Coon cats are very active and excellent "ratters".  In fact, they were originally bred to control the rat populations on Maine farms.
#4: Burmese

The Burmese (right) breed is split into two sub-categories: British Burmese and American Burmese.  Both tend to form strong bonds with their owners, and are attracted to any kind of human activity.  Burmese are very playful, and will even retrieve items for their masters.  Many also display kitten-like characteristics well into their adult life. 
#2: Exotic Shorthair

Exotics (right) are essentially the Persian breed, with a short-haired coat that is much easier to maintain than the coat of a regular Persian.  Not surprisingly, Exotics have inherited their gentle ways and tame personality from their Persian ancestors.
#1: Abyssinian

Number one on our list is the Abyssinian (right), a cat with a distinctive, powerful grace, and rather wild beauty.  The ruddy or red coat is short, soft and thick.    Unlike most other breeds, the Aby is fond of water and can be an excellent swimmer.  Some say that the Aby is so intelligent, they train their owners, instead of their owners training them!  But you will never find a cat more loyal and affectionate with people. Unfortunately, Abyssinians can be difficult to breed, and therefore are hard to find and relatively expensive to buy.
#8: Ragdoll

Ragdolls (below) are well known for their intelligence and loyal nature.  They have many "puppy" like characteristics, will easily learn their name and come when called, and love to play and give affection.  The males are among the largest of cats, some weighing up to 15 pounds.  That's pretty big in the cat world!  Overall, the Ragdoll is an ideal house pet.
#3: Birman

The great thing about a Birman (right) is how balanced the cat is in regards to its personality.  They are definitely a "people's cat" who bond strongly with their owners.  The Birman is another cat who enjoys greeting his owners when they arrive home.  They have a curious nature and are one of the most intelligent cats.
Source of original list: "Cats Most Wanted", by Alexander Allred.
Source of descriptions: Pet Meds Online.
There will always be debate among cat owners and breeders as to which cat breed is the most friendly.  It is definitely something to consider when choosing a cat for your family.  This list of the friendliest cats ever - particularily with children and strangers - was compiled with the assistance of many animal behaviorists and veterinarians: 
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