Oriental Shorthair Cat: History, Temperament & Health Issues
These athletic cats are outrageously gregarious.  In physique and temperament, the Oriental is a Siamese, but in solid coat colors.  Orientals may suffer from inherited heart problems, but their long lives belie their reputation as a delicate breed.

History Of The Oriental Shorthair:

The historical Cat Book Poems shows Siamese cats in varied colors.  Indeed, there were self cats among the first Siamese brought to the West, but in the 1920's the Siamese Club of Britain vetoed "any but blue eyed Siamese" and numbers declined.  Work on a solid chocolate in Britain in the 1950's led to the chestnut brown foreign, recognized in 1957, and the origin of the Havana Brown.

Common Oriental Shorthair Health Issues:

Respiratory Infections
Extreme sensitivities to anesthetics, vaccines, and pesticides.
Heart Disease
The Oriental Shorthair At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: Great Britain
Dates Of Origin: 1950's
Average Weight Range: 9-14 lbs.
Temperament Of The Oriental Shorthair: Devoted and Demanding, Vocal.
Breed Colors Of The Oriental Shorthair: A wide variety of colors and color combinations are acceptable.
One of the top 10 most popular cat breeds.
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