Birman Cat Breed: History, Temperament And Health Issues
The Birman At A Glance:

Place Of Origin:
Myanmar (Formerly Burma) Or France.
Dates Of Origin: Unknown
Average Weight Range:
10-18 lbs.
Temperament Of The Birman: Friendly And Reserved, Quiet.
Breed Colors Of The Birman: A wide variety of self, tortie points, and tabby points is acceptable.
One of the top 10 most popular cat breeds.

The Birman is a strikingly marked breed whos silky hair requires daily grooming.  Neutered males demand attention, while neutered females can be bossy.  At the end of World War 2, the last two remaining Birmans in France were outcrossed to perpetuate the breed.  As with all breeds with a small genetic base, inbreeding can increase hereditary problems, but only rare skin and nerve disorders are hereditary in this breed.  The Birman's silky coat requires daily grooming.

History Of The Birman:

According to tradition, the Birman descends from the temple cats of Burma, specifically from Sita, a pregnant female brought to France in  1919.  A less romantic notion exists that Birmans were created in France at the same time as the Himalayan Persian was developed.
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