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Your most intimate relationship with your dog is when you groom him.  Most dogs enjoy doing things for others, as he's a sociable animal.  But doing things for others should never be a one way street.  He likes for you to do things for him, too!  And he will never be happier than when you are grooming him.
Combing And Brushing Your Dog

Our human hair grows in never ending strands, and only comes out when it is broken or pulled.  Dog hair, however, grows and dies in "cycles". The first stage is....(more)
Giving Your Dog A Bath

When giving your dog a bath, it is most important how you give the bath, and which kind of soap or shampoo you use.  Years ago, flea soap was apt to be....(more)
Cutting Your Dog's Nails

Dogs probably resent work on their nails more than anything else.  If you start while he's young, you'll teach your puppy to accept....(more)
Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

Does your dog frequently paw at her ears, or shake her head excessively?  Or do you notice red, irritated....(more)
dog grooming
Dog Grooming:
Moreover, it is while performing dog grooming that you best learn whether he is sick or well, whether he is prospering or is lagging in health and development.  For example, many a dog owner have failed to notice such things as lice and ticks, just because he has failed to groom his dog.

Let's take a look at some dog grooming methods to keep your dog happy and healthy:
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