Top 10 Least Friendly Cat Breeds In The World
#10: Singapura

The Singapura (right) actually originated on the streets of Singapore.  Apparently many Malaysians aren't that crazy about Singapuras, and many of these "street cats" may have been treated poorly by humans over the years.  This may explain the breeds reluctance to interact with strangers.
#9: Sphynx

The Sphynx (right) breed of cat came into being over 40 years ago in Toronto, Canada, when a domestic cat gave birth to an almost hairless kitten. Although known as hairless, Sphynx's do have a little bit of hair, that resembles and feels like peach fuzz.  They tend to be demanding of their owners.
#8: Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold's (right) ears are derived from a genetic abnormality that "folds" the ears forward.  Although they do interact with humans quite a bit, it is usually for their own needs i.e. food, rather than an attempt to give affection.  We imagine quite a few Scottish Fold owners may disagree with this assessment!
#7: Siamese

The Siamese (right) is arguably the oldest of our "modern" cats, and are consistently ranked as one of the most popular cat breeds.  Their beautiful wide set eyes are one of its most attractive features.  Most people who own a Siamese would argue that they're the friendliest cat in the world, not one of the least friendliest! But because the Siamese tend to bond strongly with only one human, they may be a little less affectionate towards others, especially strangers and children.
#6: Korat

The Korat (left) is an Asian breed, in fact they are the most popular cat in Thailand today.  Korats are known for their sleek, silver-blue coat and huge expressive eyes, which are a sparkling blue-green at maturity.  They tend to be spooked by sudden loud noises, and are quite passive around children, which could be mistaken for "unfriendliness".   Be prepared to hear your Korat's voice often, especially when he doesn't get his way!
#5: Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau (right) is known mostly for its unique spotted coat.  It is one of the only domestics cat available with this characteristic.
Maus will bond strongly with their owners, but tend to be a bit shy around strangers.  They are very protective of their toys and will actually growl at anyone who tries to remove them!
#4: Cymric

The Cymric (right) is among the oldest of domestic breeds of cat.  They are somewhat like dogs - they will play fetch and growl at unidentified disturbances - and love to sleep in high places.  They tend to be quite aloof when it comes to children, strangers, and dogs.  Again, this attitude may be mistaken for unfriendliness.
#3: Bombay

The Bombay (right) breed of cat has a very striking appearance, looking somewhat like a mini-panther with its sleek coat and stunning copper eyes.  They are generally a quiet breed who love affection.  Bombays tend to be extremely sensitive to loud and sudden noises, and it is probably for this reason that they are a bit wary of children and the outdoors.
#2: Bengal

The Bengal (right) is a cross between the wild Asian Leopard and domestic cat.  They are extremely energetic, love the water, and demand affection!  There were some reports of difficulty with the Bengel's temperament in its early days of development, with the cat still displaying some of the "wild" characteristics of its ancestor (i.e. scared of humans).  But with selective breeding this "wildness" is slowly disappearing.  As with any cat, you should meet the kitten and its parents to evaluate their character before making a purchase.
#1: American Wirehair

Sitting at number one on our list is the American Wirehair (right), so named for its dense, resilient and springy coat, that feels similar to steel wool to the touch.  The Wirehair's unique coat was the result of a natural genetic mutation.  This breed is quite rare, routinely selling for $1000 and more.   The Wirehair can be quite reserved and quiet, and some may equate this "laid back" attitude with unfriendliness. Despite all this, the Wirehair is still a great pet that is easy to care for.
This list of the most unfriendly cat breeds was compiled with the assistance of many animal behaviorists and veterinarians.  Cats on this list aren't necessarily unfriendly, just less friendly than most other cats when interacting with humans, particularly strangers and children.  Many of the cats on this list are very sensitive to sudden loud noises, which may explain their waryness around children.  Others may bond strongly with only one human, making them less affectionate toward strangers and/or possessive of their masters, behavior that may be interpreted by some as unfriendly.  With that said, let's move on to the list: 
Source of original list: "Cats Most Wanted", by Alexander Allred.
Source of descriptions: Pet Meds Online.
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