American Wirehair: History, Health & Temperament
Place Of Origin: United States, Specifically Upstate New York.
Dates Of Origin: 1966
Average Weight Range: 8-15 lbs.
Temperament Of The American Wirehair: Relaxed, Quiet, Occasionally Bossy.
Breed Colors Of The American Wirehair: A wide variety of colors and color combinations is acceptable.
One of the top 10 least friendly cat breeds.
History Of The American Wirehair:

The Wirehair descends from a kitten born in 1966 in upstate New York.  For a while its standard, apart from the coat, was the same as the American Shorthair's.  The wirehair's own standard was written in 1967.  For all its uniqueness, the American Wirehair remains largely unrecognized outside the United States and Canada.
The American Wirehair At A Glance:
About The American Wirehair:

The most notable feature of the rare American Wirehair
cat breed (usually selling for 1,000 USD and more) is its coat, which feels like steel wool.  Every hair is thinner than usual and crimped, hooked, or bent, giving the appearance of wiring.  The most prized coat is dense and coarse, but its appearance in kittenhood is no guarantee of its appearance at maturity.  Curly whiskers are also highly valued.  The wirehair is laid back, and rarely destructive.  Minimal grooming is required.
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