Cymric Cat Breed: History, Temperament And Health
The Cymric At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: North America
Dates Of Origin: 1960's
Average Weight Range: 8-12 lbs.
Temperament Of The Cymric: Friendly And Even-Tempered, Quiet.
Breed Colors Of The Cymric: A Variety Of Colors And Color Combinations Are Acceptable.
One of the top 10 least friendly cat breeds.

About The Cymric:

The Cymric matches the Shorthaired Manx in all but coat, which is semilong and double, requiring a moderate amount of grooming (about once a week).  The Cymric produces variant "stumpies" and "longies", both with some degree of tail, as well as the showable tailless "rumpies".

History Of The Cymric:

Although the Cymric is the Welsh word for "Welsh", this is an exclusively North American breed. Manx cats have always produced the occasional longhaired kitten and, in the 1960's, breeders worked to gain recognition for these variants.  By the 1980's the CFA and TICA both recognized the Cymric breed, but the CFA has now reclassified it as longhaired Manx.  Cymrics are not recognized in Britain.
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