Singapura Cat Breed: History, Temperament And Health
The Singapura At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: Singapore And United States.
Dates Of Origin: 1975
Average Weight Range: 4-9 lbs.
Temperament Of The Singapura:
Retiring And Affectionately Introspective, Quiet.
Breed Colors Of The Singapura: Sepia Agouti In Ticked Tabby.
One of the top 10 least friendliest cats

About The Singapura:

The Singapura's temperament and build may be the result of selective pressures.  In Singapore, most cats are feral and those attracting least attention are more likely to breed successfully, leading to small size (the Singapura is the smallest cat breed in the World), a quiet voice, and a retiring disposition.

History Of The Singapura:

This breed's name is Malaysian for Singapore, from where Hal and Tommy Meadows brought cats to the United States in 1975; all registered Singapuras originate from their breeding program.  Because Tommy Meadows also bred Burmese and Abyssinians, there are claims that these were used to create the Singapura.  Whether this is true or not, some believe that the closed register could work to the detriment of Singapuras, of which there are still fewer than 2,000.  The breed was recognized in 1982.
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