Bombay Cat Breed: History, Temperament & Health Issues
The Bombay Cat At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: United States
Dates Of Origin: 1960's
Average Weight Range: 6-11 lbs.
Temperament Of The Bombay Cat: Genial, Relaxed, Gregarious
Breed Colors Of The Bombay Cat: Black, Sable.
*One of the top 10 least friendliest cats.
This majestic breed is a real heat-seeker.  The Bombay's brilliant copper-colored eyes can fade or turn slightly green with age, while the jet-black coat is almost maintenance free - a rubdown with a chomois, or even your hand, is all that is needed to keep its sheen.  Although litters are large, the Bombay cat remains rare, especially outside North America.  Bombays are sensitive to loud noises and tend to be wary of children and the outdoors.

History Of The Bombay Cat:

In the 1950's, a Kentucky Breeder tried to create a "mini black panther" from black American Shorthairs and sable Burmese.  By the 1960's, she had produced cats with black coats, muscular bodies, rounded heads, and copper eyes.  The Bombay was recognized in 1976.

Common Bombay Cat Health Issues:

Cherry Eye
Cleft Palate:
This is a birth defect of the nasal and oral cavities commonly associated with harelip.  It is caused by failure of the palate bones to develop and fuse.  This results in an opening from the oral to the nasal cavity.  It is usually impossible for a kitten to nurse.  Survival depends on tube feeding.  A similar condition can occur in adult cats from a blow to the face associated with a fracture of the palate.  Harelip can occur by itself.  It is due to abnormal development of the upper lip.  This problem is primarily cosmetic, and can be corrected with plastic surgery.
Skull, Jaw, and Tooth Malformations.
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