Chantilly/Tiffany Cat: History, Temperament & Health Issues
The Chantilly/Tiffany At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: Canada And United States
Dates Of Origin: 1970's
Average Weight Range: 6-12 lbs.
Temperament Of The Chantilly/Tiffany: Gentle And Conservative
Breed Colors Of The Chantilly/Tiffany: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blue, Lilac, Mackerel, Spotted, or Ticked Tabby.
One of the top 10 friendliest cats.

This rare breed has a moderate disposition, neither as quiet as a Persian nor as active as Oriental-type longhairs.  The Chantilly will communicate happiness with an endearing chirp that sounds like a pigeon cooing.

History Of The Chantilly/Tiffany:

In 1967, a Florida breeder bought a pair of gold eyed, longhaired cats of unknown background, although the chocolate coat implied a Burmese parentage.  She also coined the name Tiffany.  In the 1980's, confusion led to the breed almost vanishing.  The breed was reestablished in 1988 in Canada and traced to the breeding program that created the Angora.  Because the name "Tiffanie" was now being used by British breeders for the longhaired Burmilla, Canadian breeders altered the name to Chantilly/Tiffany.

Common Chantilly/Tiffany Health Issues:

Psychological stress when left alone frequently.
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