Pug: Health Issues & Personality

The Pug is a friendly and confident companion.  It can be a bit headstrong and stubborn, but is pleasant and generally willing to please.

The Pug does not tolerate heat well and has a tendency to catch cold; it should be dried briskly, if wet.  Its delicate eyes are prone to frequent "weeping", and its short, fine coat should regularly be given a vigorous brushing.  The Pug is also subject to gastric problems when overfed.  Characteristic of the Pug is its unusual coiled tail.  Known as a curled tail, it forms a single or double spiral that is held tightly back over the hip.  The double curl is considered to be ideal.  The Pug is also one of the least effective watchdogs.

Average Lifespan Of The Pug:
13-15 years.
Average Weight: 14-18lbs.

Inherited Health Disorders:


Extra Eyelashes
Deviated Eyelashes
Hairy Caruncle:
Hair growth on the small prominence at the corner of the eye near the nose.
Corneal Ulceration
Corneal Degeneration (Dystropy)
Exercise Requirements: 2/5
Affection Level: 4/5
Friendliness-Other Pets:
Friendliness-Strangers: 2/5
Ease Of Training:

About The Ratings:
Exercise Requirements:
1: Low, 5: High
Affection Level:
1: Introverted, 5: Extroverted.
Friendliness-Other Pets:
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
Ease Of Training:
1: Most Difficult, 5: Least Difficult.
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