Top 10 Least Effective Watchdogs:
#10 Pug

The Pug is well known for its playful and charming personality.  They can be quite clever and excel in obedience skills.  However, Pugs are also known for their chronic health problems (most have breathing problems that can lead to overheating and colds) and "sedentary" lifestyle, which in some cases can easily lead to obesity.  They tend to be quiet and absolutely love human companionship of any kind, probably even burglars!
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#9 Scottish Deerhound

Never adopt a Scottish Deerhound if you live in the city, as these dogs need regular exercise and plenty of space.  Temperament can vary depending on the individual but overall, the Scottish Deerhound is one of the most polite, quiet, and undemanding breeds available.  Because of this politeness (even with strangers) and hesitation to bark, they do not make a good watchdog.
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#8 Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound owner is a special breed of person!  This is because the Irish Wolfhound tends to have a relatively short life span (usually 6 to 9 years), and require special attention in regards to its nutrition, exercise needs, and health care.  They will protect their family if highly provoked, but because of their independent nature are not considered a very good watchdog.  Despite all this, Irish Wolfhound owners insist they are the most loving breed of dog ever.
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#7 Clumber Spaniel

Heavy set and built close to the ground, Clumber Spaniels were originally bred as hunting dogs, and excel at retrieving and tracking.  They can be quite mischievous and inventive when it comes to raiding your kitchen, even your fridge!  They are extremely gentle and affectionate with the family, but tend to ignore strangers of any kind.
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#6 Old English Sheepdog

You may recognize this fella from the old "Looney Tunes" cartoons.  The Old English Sheepdog is just about the friendliest and most gentle dog breed available, and simply get along with everybody! Children, other dogs, cats, even (unwanted) visitors are greeted with love and affection.  But an aggressive watchdog?  It's just not in their nature!
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#5 English Bulldog

English Bulldogs were once regarded as quite aggressive, but over the years this trait has been bred out.  They now have a temperament similar to the Pug: docile, quiet and very friendly with humans and other pets.  They've also inherited many of the health problems of the Pug, such as allergies and respiratory issues.  They are not to be confused with the American Bulldog, who are actually great watchdogs.
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#4 Basset Hound

Sure, the Basset Hound isn't the smartest dog around (actually #10 on the least intelligent dogs list), but they make up for that with their loyalty and pleasant disposition.  They also love to "work" (that is, tracking a scent) when given the chance.  Bassets are extremely friendly with other animals, children and even strangers.  This makes them an ideal family pet, but not the best watchdog.
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#3 Saint Bernard

If you're thinking of getting a Saint Bernard, there are some things you should know: First, they're a big dog. Really big. Almost as big as you! Second, they drool.  And third, they shed. A lot!  That said, it would be difficult to find a more "friendly giant" than the Saint Bernard.  They absolutely adore children, and make an effort to be gentle with them during play.  The Saint's bark and sheer size would probably deter most burglars, but if an intruder did enter your house, a typical Saint would rather play with them than attack! 
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#2 Newfoundland Dog

The Newfoundland Dog is another "gentle giant" with a very sweet temperment and love of children.  They bond strongly with their owners, and tend to become upset if separated from the family.  Although exercise is beneficial for the Newfoundland, they are perfectly content to lie around the house all day as long as there is someone at home to keep them company.  This laid back attitude puts them at #2 on our list.
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#1 Bloodhound

#1 on our list is the Bloodhound, a hunting dog with the most sensitive nose in the world!  They are legendary in their tracking abilities and dedication to their work.  Bloodhounds are extremely good-natured, especially with children.  Because they can be quite timid, and will happily greet (welcome or unwelcome) strangers and family alike, the Bloodhound has the honor of being our #1 least effective watchdog.
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Although just about every dog will sound some sort of alarm when detecting an intruder, these dog breeds are the top 10 least likely to do so, as chosen by a panel of expert dog breeders and trainers.  So if you are looking for a dog that tends to remain quiet no matter the situation, you may want to adopt one of these fellas today!
The Top 10 Least Effective Watchdogs Are:
Source of original list: "The Intelligence Of Dogs" By Stanley Coren
Source of descriptions: Pet Meds Online.Org
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