Corneal Ulcers In Dogs: Symptoms And Treatment
Corneal ulcers are a common cause of vision loss in dogs.  A slow healing corneal ulcer, corneal erosion (chronic or indolent ulcer, Boxer ulcer) is typical of middle-aged to older Boxer dogs, Boston Terriers and Welsh Corgis.
Causes Of Eye Ulcers

Injury, inflammation, infection, foreign body, extra lashes, lack of tear film (dry eye), faulty lid function, chemical burn from certain dog shampoos, cat scratches, and/or a prominent eyeball (pop eye) can cause eye ulcers.

Signs Of Eye Ulcers:

A red, sore, watery eye which may be slightly blue.  Half closed eyelids may hide the ulcer, and the dog may wink one eye.  An eye ulcer can be quite painful for a dog, so you may notice him rubbing his eye with his paw, or rubbing it against carpet and/or furniture.

Diagnosis Of Eye Ulcers:

Often, superficial eye ulcers are barely visible.  If this is the case with your dog, your vet can drop a colored stain onto the eye, which will adhere to the ulcer.  He/she will then use an ophthalmic light to view the ulcer in more detail.

Treatments For Your Dog's Corneal Ulcer:

Ointments may be sufficient in very mild cases.  Otherwise your vet may elect to stitch the third eyelid right across the eye.  This "bandages" the eye and is extremely useful in protecting the eye and accelerating healing.  This "third eyelid flap" is held in place by one or two stitches, and the vet may use a button or piece of plastic tubing to stop the stitches from cutting into the skin.
Corneal Ulcers In Dogs
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