Top 10 Best Apartment Dogs:
Many people living in an apartment or condo may delay adopting a dog, with the fear that their pet will not get enough exercise without a backyard to play in.  But there are many dogs just made for an indoor lifestyle, and we've listed the top 10 here.  Our primary considerations while compiling this list were the dog's energy levels, exercise requirements, and playfulness.  The lower the requirement, the higher up the dog will place on the list.  To a lesser degree, a dog's resistance to the elements (i.e. heat and cold) were also considered.  The lower the resistance, the higher the dog will place on the list.
Legend: EL: Energy Level; ER: Exercise Requirements; P: Playfulness; CT: Cold Tolerance; HT: Heat Tolerance.
#10: Yorkshire Terrier
EL: 4/5  ER: 1/5  P: 4/5 CT: 2/5 HT: 3/5
can easily exercise themselves within the home, but you should also try to interact with them in the form of games.  They only require a short walk in a familiar area, once per day.  This is definitely a dog that is comfortable living indoors. 
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#9: Toy Manchester Terrier
EL: 4/5  ER: 1/5  P: 1/5 CT: 1/5 HT: 4/5
The Toy Manchester is playful with its family, although somewhat reserved with strangers.  It enjoys a romp outdoors, but it hates the cold.  Indoors, it loves a soft, warm bed. 
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#8: Chinese Crested Dog
EL: 3/5  ER: 1/5  P: 4/5 CT: 1/5 HT: 4/5
The Chinese Crested is devoted to its family and willing to please; it is also good with other dogs, pets, and strangers.  They don't mind a short walk every day, but not in the cold.  In fact, the hairless variety will need a sweater for cold weather outings.  Vigorous indoor games can provide sufficient exercise for this breed.
Learn more about the Chinese Crested Dog: Health issues and temperament.
#7: ShihTzu
EL: 3/5  ER: 1/5  P: 4/5 CT: 2/5 HT: 1/5
The spunky Shih Tzu is both a gentle lapdog and a vivacious companion.  They do need daily exercise, but indoor games or a short walk outside can easily meet its requirements.  A Shih Tzu should never be expected to live outdoors.
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#6: Lhasa Apso
EL: 3/5  ER: 1/5  P: 3/5 CT: 3/5 HT: 2/5
Despite its lapdog appearance, the Lhasa Apso is a tough character!  It is independent, stubborn, and bold.  Although it is eager for a romp or game, its exercise requirements can easily be met indoors.  The Lhasa is another breed not suited to outdoor living.
Learn more about the Lhasa Apso: Health issues and temperament
#5: Boston Terrier
EL: 3/5  ER: 1/5  P: 3/5 CT: 1/5 HT: 1/5
The Boston Terrier is well mannered indoors, but saucy and playful whenever the chance arises.  Most of its exercise requirements can be met with a short daily walk, but keep in mind the Boston is  especially intolerant to heat. Some individuals tend to bark a lot.
Learn more about the Boston Terrier: Health issues and temperament
#4: Bulldog
EL: 1/5  ER: 1/5  P: 4/5 CT: 1/5 HT: 1/5
The Bulldog is among the most docile and mellow of dogs.  They appreciate a daily outing, but cannot tolerate hot humid weather.  Your Bulldog should not be expected to walk or jog great distances, or to jump from any heights.   
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#3: English Toy Spaniel
EL: 1/5  ER: 1/5  P: 3/5 CT: 3/5 HT: 1/5
The English Toy Spaniel (and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) enjoys a life of leisure!  It is the perfect lapdog, but still playful and attentive.  Although it enjoys a nice walk on a leash or a fun game in the house, the English is not overly active and its exercise requirements can be met with minimal effort.
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#2: Basset Hound
EL: 1/5  ER: 1/5  P: 1/5 CT: 3/5 HT: 3/5
The Basset Hound is one of the most good natured and easygoing of breeds.  They do need daily exercise to keep fit, but these requirement can be satisfied with a short walk or indoor game.  Do keep in mind though, that the Basset would rather be relaxing!
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#1: Pekingese
EL: 1/5  ER: 1/5  P: 1/5 CT: 3/5 HT: 1/5
Number one on our list of best indoor dogs is the devoted Pekingese.  The Pekingese enjoys a leisurely walk outdoors, but is equally happy with a romp inside.  It is very sensitive to hot weather, and can easily die of heat prostration.  Therefore, it is recommended that your home be air conditioned if you decide to adopt this breed.  It can spend time outdoors in cool weather, but should sleep inside.  The Pekingese is the ideal apartment dog.
Learn more about the Pekingese: Health issues and temperament
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