How Do I Clean My Dogs Ears?
You should clean your dogís ears at least every four to six weeks, using hydrogen peroxide, available at any drug store.  Simply dip a cotton ball or Q-tip into the peroxide and squeeze out any excess liquid. Then, gently clean the visible portion of your dogís ears.  Just like humans though, be sure not to push the Q-tip into the actual ear canal, as it may force ear wax further into the ear.  It may also upset the dog, who may be less willing to co-operate the next time!

As long as itís done properly and regularly, your dog should get used to the ear cleaning procedure, and not resist in any way.  Giving her a treat at the end wouldnít hurt either!

You may also want to see the ear care page for further help. 
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How And Why Should I Clean My Dogs Ears?  Does your dog frequently paw at her ears, or shake her head excessively?  Or do you notice red, irritated skin, discharge, or a foul smell emanating from the ear?  If so, your dog may have an ear infection or ear mites, and should be taken to the vet right away (Or, you may want to try one of the remedies on the ear care page first). 
If your dogís ears are infected, it may take 2 weeks and more of antibiotic drops to cure the problem.  But there is an easy way to prevent your dog (especially floppy eared dogs, who are more susceptible due to lack of air circulation) from getting an infection in the first place.
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