Grooming Your Dog: Bathing
When giving your dog a bath, it is most important how you give the bath, and which kind of soap or shampoo you use.  Years ago, flea soap was apt to be a very strong soap, with flea-killing elements that tended to irritate the dog's skin.  Today there are dozens of kinds of soaps and shampoos, many of which are as gentle as those used by humans.  The newer flea killing soaps are also mild.
Water Temperature Is Important

The dog's fur hold heat in or keeps it out.  In other words, it is an insulating blanket against rapid changes in weather.  When you bathe a dog you temporarily destroy this insulating blanket.  The result is, your dog shivers.  Therefore, you should bathe your dog in water of a temperature of about 100 Degrees F, which comes close to his body temperature.
Can I Use Human Shampoo On My Dog?

For dogs,
there are specially made shampoos, dry baths, and plain bar soaps.  In addition, there are soaps for humans that are both bactericidal and deodorant.  Chances are, you use one yourself.  Such soaps will do for your dog.  Remember to rinse well with clean warm water to remove all shampoo or soap.
After Your Dog's Bath

After the bath,
dry him with a towel.  You can pin a towel around him until he restores that "insulation blanket"; or you can dry him with a hair dryer, if the noise doesn't bother him.  Just don't let him outdoors until his fur is completely dry, or he may catch cold. Yes, dogs can catch colds!
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Above:  This method of bathing your dog would probably take awhile!  Luckily, you can find more effective ways to give your friend a bath on the grooming products for dogs page.
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