Tips For Low Cost Pet Care:
Helpful Tips To Keep Your Pet Care Costs Low:

Many of us would like to adopt a pet, but shy away from the proposition because of the costs involved.  Follow these money saving tips for pet care, and you might be able to visit the pound today!
First of all, you may want to consider getting a cat, as medical costs can be twice as high when you own a dog.  If you have your heart set on a dog, consider a mixed breed.  Purebreds are known for having more hereditary medical problems than “mutts”.
Don’t buy the cheapest cat or dog food you can find! Premium brands offer much more nutritional value, and the little extra investment is worth it for the health of your pet.  Or even better, make your own homemade pet food.  It's cheaper and you know what's in it!

Try to keep your pet’s weight at a reasonable level, with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.  Obesity in pets is a major problem today.

Keep your pets indoors or outside on a leash, to prevent unfortunate accidents and the resulting vet bills.

Use low cost clinics for routine shots i.e. rabies. Call your local human society for information, and/or ask your vet if he/she holds any such clinics and how often.

Get a second opinion before investing in costly treatments or drugs.  Consider using pet insurance.

Ask for free drug samples.  As with human medication, many drug companies will offer free samples to encourage you to use their product.

Last but not least, shop around for meds.  The internet is a valuable resource, with tons of information and websites offering discounted drugs for pets.
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