Should I Invest In Pet Insurance?
Do I Even Need Pet Insurance?  If you’re like us, you would do almost anything to save the life of your pet.  Many consider their pet a part of the family, and losing Fido or Mr. Whiskers would be almost as painful as losing a child.  More and more veterinarians are realizing this, and are now performing medical procedures that used to only be available to humans.  MRI’s, kidney transplants, and radiation therapy are among the procedures that vets now perform regularly for pet owners.  Afflictions that used to be fatal for a pet are now treatable, and new technology enables your vet to detect problems much earlier to provide the appropriate treatment.  This new technology doesn’t exactly come cheap, though.  Some procedures can be as high as $5,000 and more, making pet health insurance important to many pet owners.
So is pet insurance worth it, or not?  It really depends on the state of your savings, and how far you would go financially to save your pet.  We decided to get a few pet insurance quotes from VPI to give you an idea on costs:
Pet Insurance Premium Examples:
*A 4 year old Labrador Retriever living in Buffalo would have a monthly premium of $33.08 with their premium plan.
*A 6 year old Domestic Shorthair cat living in Los Angeles would have a monthly premium of $30.00 with their premium plan.

This excerpt is directly from the VPI Website:  “The VPI Superior Plan covers over 6,400 medical problems and conditions related to accidental injuries, poisonings and illnesses (including cancer).
    * Annual benefit maximum of $14,000
    * A low deductible of $50 per incident

Benefits include diagnosis, diagnostics and anesthesia and chemotherapy/radiation allowances (where applicable). Additional benefits may also be available for specialized diagnostic tests (such as an ultrasound or MRI) or if your pet is referred to a board certified specialist.”
Some other things you should know about pet insurance:
-Hereditary conditions in certain breeds would be excluded.
-Obviously, the older the animal, the higher the insurance premiums will be.  Some pet insurance providers will not cover a pet over 9 years of age, without adding a hefty service charge.
-Be sure to SHOP AROUND, as premiums and deductibles can vary widely.  We used VPI in this example, but there are others, including Petshealth Care Plan, Premier Pet Insurance, and PetCare Pet Insurance.
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