Anti-Shedding Supplements For Cats:
Is your house and car infested with cat hair?  Finding hairballs under your furniture?  Try an anti-shedding supplement!  While nothing will completely stop this natural process, these supplements can be very effective in reducing shedding and enhancing your cat's coat.  You may also want to try giving your cat a bath and/or regular brushing to remove dead hair.
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Allergy Relief
Allergy medications designed for cats.

Anti-Itch For Cats
Itchy skin can drive your cat crazy.  Give him some relief with these anti-itch and skin care products.

Just like humans, cats can suffer from arthritis in their later years.

Comfort products to calm that stressed out cat.
Cough Medications For Cats
Tasty syrups for coughs caused by chest congestion, cold, flu, and bronchitis.

Cat Eye Care
Lubricants and tear stain remover for optimum eye health.

Flea And Tick Prevention
Stop fleas and ticks before they become a problem with these sprays and powders.

Hairball Help
Prevent your cat from developing hairballs and give him a healthy and glossy coat.
1-800-PetMeds Shed Terminator For Cats 90ct
New shed control in a capsule. Excessive shedding can be unhealthy, cause pain & discomfort, and lead to skin problems. 1-800-Petmeds Shed Terminator helps to reduce or eliminate unwanted shedding. Unique blend of vitamins and minerals are formulated to restore your pet's vibrant coat and reduce unnatural shedding. Hairball control from reduced shedding helps prevent digestive upsets.
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1-800-PetMeds Shed Terminator For Cats 90ct
1-800-PetMeds Brite Coat Xtra Strength 250 Ct Btl
Formulated with a combination of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, Brite Coat Xtra Strength is a concentrated fatty acid dietary supplement for a healthy skin and soft & shiny coat.
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1-800-PetMeds Brite Coat Xtra Strength 250 Ct Btl
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