Grooming Your Cat: Brushing And Combing
A long haired cat such as Persians or Himalayans should be combed and brushed two times a day, to prevent the hair from becoming matted and to remove the dead hair so that the cat won't swallow it.  The longer the hair, the more work it is for you, but each of these twice daily sessions need take only five minutes or so.  A short-haired cat usually won't need combing at all because the hair doesn't often tangle or mat.  For these cats, a daily brushing is adequate.
What You'll Need To Properly Groom Your Cat
The equipment you will need to keep your cat looking good is very basic.  These are the essentials:

If you have a short haired cat, use a medium stiff brush to keep his coat in shape.  He'll find it very comforting, too, provided you remember always to brush in the direction of the hair.  With a long haired cat you'll need to first use a comb to separate the tangled hair, then a medium stiff brush.

It's important to choose the right brush, and the best kind for all-around use is a soft wire slicker brush which is between the very soft brushes used on show cats and the harsh slicker brushes sold in many pet stores.

Natural bristle brushes are good, but don't remove the dead hair nearly as effectively as the slicker brush.  If the cat's coat is badly matted, a universal brush (like a slicker brush but convex in shape) removes the mats much better than a slicker brush.  When you're buying a comb for your cat choose one that has half fine and half coarse teeth.
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Slicker Brush, Universal Brush, Cat Comb.
Brushing Your Long Haired Cat
When grooming your long haired cat, comb through through the hair, then brush the hair in the direction of growth with a medium-stiff brush.  Just before the end of the grooming session, brush against the direction of growth so that the bristles reach the deep underlayers of hair.  Always brush the stomach and the areas under the legs.
Combing and brushing are the first steps to keeping your cat well groomed.  Combing separates tangled hair at skin level; brushing removes dead hair and gives luster to the coat.
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