Puppy Mills: Everything You Should Know
Every day, someone somewhere in North America buys a puppy. Whether they purchase the animal from their neighborhood pet store, from an internet site that seems reputable, or even from a dealer advertising in the local paper, very few people know (or even think about) where their puppy comes from.
Thinking Of Buying A Puppy?

Its important that anyone considering dog ownership take the time to do some research. Unfortunately however, for many would-be dog owners, the first place to go looking for a new dog is the pet store. Conveniently located and well stocked not only with pets but also with various food, supplies and pet toys these outlets typically give the impression of being both accountable to their customers to provide a quality service and merchandise, as well as knowledgeable and up-front about the animals they sell.
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However, people need to understand that while they think they are saving time and money by buying a dog from a pet store or a website on the Internet, they are often buying a pet that has come from a puppy mill. These puppies often have histories of disease and medical problems that will end up costing thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and, even worse, an endless amount of tears and heartache.

You Need To Know...

Read on to learn the definition and history of puppy mills, a description of the shocking conditions in these facilities, negative health effects as a result of these conditions, international laws, and charitable organizations against puppy mills.  Finally, discover what you can do to stop the needless suffering.

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Puppy Mills: Introduction

Definition, History, Locations

Conditions In Puppy Mills

Health Effects On Dogs Raised In Puppy Mills

Puppy Mill Laws: USA, Canada, Australia, UK

Organizations Against

What You Can Do To Stop Puppy Mills
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