Why does my dog steal and bury items from around the house?  What can I do to make it stop?  Thieving is a strong natural instinct in all dogs.  From the earliest days in the nest he has had to fight for his existence.  In the days of the wild pack his ancestors hunted and stole from those other animals not clever enough to guard their prey!  The dog’s mind is cunning in stealing and hiding for future use either food, or some other article he fancies.
Of course, we have all seen the look on a dog’s face, or its body language when caught in the act (head and tail down, almost crawling).  This shows that dogs DO know the difference between right and wrong.  Obviously though, they must have once been punished or scolded for the particular act to know the difference.

How can you stop your dog from becoming a master criminal?  Well, much of the thieving by domestic dogs today is done purely out of boredom.  All dogs should have work to do, whether it’s only tricks to learn from the children, obedience exercises, or real work like hunting, etc.  Without work their brains are wasted, but their cunning increases! It’s also a good idea to try to give your dog rigorous exercise every day (especially if the dog is left alone at home all day) to burn off excess energy.  This dramatically increases a dog’s happiness and should help keep him out of mischief. So do your best to keep your dog occupied, and give it a purpose in life!

If you do live in an apartment or condo, and/or need to leave your dog alone while you're at work, some of these dog breeds may be appropriate for your lifestyle:

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It is almost amusing to watch how some dogs sleep almost with one eye open to deceive its owner into thinking it is fast asleep. Where in reality, the dog is waiting for an opportunity to sneak into the kitchen to see “what’s cooking” and to take whatever has been carelessly left about! 
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How Do I Keep My Dog From Stealing?
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