Donít leave kittyís food out in the bowl. The food will spoil, and you will also spoil kitty, who will soon expect food at all hours.  An important exception is nourishing dry food, such as Friskies, which may be left out for snacking or for times when you have to be away.  The cat will eat only as much as he needs at each meal.  (The texture of dry food is good for her teeth, too).
Donít add mineral oil to food.  Mineral oil interferes with vitamin absorption. If oil is administered to make the coat shiny, use vegetable oil such as corn or safflower oil.

Donít cut down on kittyís rations to make him a good hunter.  Starving him will just keep him so weak that he couldnít bag a mouse if it was tied up with a ribbon.
What NOT To Feed Your Cat!
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Donít feed your cat cold food-bring it to room temperature.  Cold food can cause diarrhea and vomiting.  Cold milk on a hot day can make kittens very sick.  And they donít like it cold anyway!

Donít substitute milk for water, or milk for a meal of solid food.  Milk has a laxative effect on many cats and should be given sparingly, after a meal, if at all.  If you use evaporated milk, dilute it with warm water.
There are some things you should never feed your cat, to ensure their health and happiness.  You may want to print this out and pin it to your fridge!
Donít feed your cat small or sharp bones (such as chicken bones).  They can splinter and cause choking, or pierce the stomach and intestinal walls.

Donít disturb your cat while he is eating. He has a one track mind and a sensitive nervous system.

Donít feed your cat a mono-diet. If you are tired of roast beef after eating it every night and day for 5 years, think how your cat feels!

And finally,
donít feed your cat as you would a human being. Feed him like a cat.
Donít feed your cat raw fish. It contains thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys some of the B vitamins.
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