6 Ways That Cats Talk With Their Tales:
1.  Vertical Tail

He likes you - maybe. If his tail is completely straight, the cat is thrilled to see you, but a tip tilted into the shape of a question mark says the verdict on your character is still out.
2.  Soft Curves

He's interested. The curious cat carries his tail just slightly raised and curved outward.
3.  A Lowered Tail

He's not taking any chances. If his tail is lowered and fluffed out, this cat's afraid.  In surrender, he tucks his tail between his hind legs.
4.  A Twitching Tip

The cat is miffed.  This tiny tail gesture means he's mildly irritated.  Don't bug him.
5.  A Wagging Tale

He's weighing his options.  You may shift from foot to foot when you're making a decision: a cat wags his tail.  Look out when it whips up speed: he's probably really angry.
6.  An Arched, Bristled Tail

He's all set to duke it out.  The angry cat bristles his coat to scare off enemies.  He may take a swipe at you if you try to interfere.
Source:  Pet Care Report.  Copyright 1991, Whittle Communications  L.P.
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