The Cat Came Back!  Top 10 Distances Travelled By Lost Cats To Return Home:
Cats have amazing abilities that we mere humans still don't understand.  One such ability is the way cats can always find their way home, no matter how far away they might be.  Just how they do this is still a mystery, although we do have an idea of how some other animals do it.  Salmon tend to go by the "smell" of their home waters when they return to spawn.  Birds navigate with the sun and stars as a reference during migration, and still other animals use "magnetized cells" in the brain to distinguish north from south.  Do humans share in these amazing abilities?  Unfortunately, no. Although many males certainly act like they do, since they NEVER need to ask for directions!  Let's take a look at the record distances travelled by cats, in their search for home:
#10 "Pooh" - 200 miles

The Reverend and Mrs. James Daves moved from Long Island to Georgia in 1973.  Because their daughter was allergic to animal fur, her two year old white tomcat, Pooh, was given to a friend, but soon ran away.  In May, the family moved to South Carolina.  On April 18, 1975, Pooh showed up at the home he had never been to before!
#9 "ChiChi" - 300 miles

The Reverend JC Cox of Blanchard, Louisiana, gave his seventeen year old cat to his granddaughter, who lived in a suburb of New Orleans.  ChiChi missed Reverend Cox, and to everyone's astonishment, crossed the Mississippi and Red rivers in three weeks and arrived home in time for Christmas.
#8 "Murka" - 400 Miles

In 1987 Murka, a stray, was adopted by Vladimir Donsov in Moscow.  Murka killed his canary; a year later, she unlocked the bird cage and killed another one.  She was banished to live with Mr. Donsov's mother in Voronezh, but disapeared after two years.  A year later, on October 19, 1989, Mr Donsov found her in his Moscow apartment building, hungry, dirty, pregnant, and missing the tip of her tail.  She ate a large meal and slept for three days.
#7 "Muddy Water White" - 450 Miles

On June 23, or 24, 1985, Muddy Water White jumped out of a van driven by his owner, Barbara Paule, in Dayton, Ohio.  Almost exactly three years later, he returned to his home in Pennsylvania.  "He came and flopped down like he was home," said Ms. Paule.  She fed him for three days before realizing he was Muddy Water White, an identification that was confirmed by the local vet.
#6 "Gringo" - 480 Miles

The Servoz family lost their pet tomcat, Gringo, from their home in Lamarche-sur-Seine, France, in December 1982.  The following July they learned that the cat had moved to the French Riviera!  Wishing to escape the cold winter, he had made the journey south in a week and appeared at their summer home, where neighbors took care of him.
#5 "Rusty" - 950 Miles

Rusty distinguished himself by setting an American all time speed record for a cat return.  In 1949 this ginger tomcat traveled from Boston, Massachusetts to Chicago, Illinois, in eighty-three days.  It is speculated that he hitched rides on cars, trucks, and trains.
#4 "Howie" - 1,200 Miles

In 1978 this three year old Persian walked home from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, to Adelaide - a trip that took a year.  Said his owner, Kirsten Hicks, fifteen, "Although its white coat was matted and filthy and its paws were sore and bleeding, Howie was actually purring."
#3 "Silky" - 1,472 Miles

Shaun Phillips, sixteen, and his father, Ken, lost Silky as Gin Gin, about 200 miles north of Brisbaine, Australia.  That was in the summer of 1977.  On March 28, 1978, Silky turned up at Mr Philips' house in a Melbourne suburb.  According to his owner, "He was as thin as a wisp and stank to high heaven."
#2 "Minosch" -1,485 Miles

In 1981 Mehmet Tunc, a Turkish "guest worker" in Germany, went home with his cat and family for a vacation.  At the Turkish border, Minosch disappeared.  Sixty one days later, back on the island of Sylt, in northern Germany, the family heard a faint scratching at the door.  It was a bedraggled Minosch!
#1 "Sugar" - 1,500 Miles

Our grand prize winner is Sugar, a two year old part Persion. Sugar had a hip deformity, which made her uncomfortable during car travel.  Consequently, she was left behind with a neighbor when her family left Anderson, California for Gage, Oklahoma.  Two weeks later, Sugar disappeared.  Fourteen months after that, she turned up in Gage on her old owner's doorstep - having travelled 100 miles a month to reach a place she had never been!
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