The Water Dog

Give your dog fresh clean water whenever he wishes with the “Water Dog” automatic water dispensor!  A motion sensor detects whenever your dog gets to within a certain range of the device, and releases a stream of water.  After the dog leaves, the water stops!  For outdoor use only, runs on four “C” style batteries.
Squeaker Toys Only Your Dog Can Hear!

Dogs just love squeaker toys, but the sound can get a little annoying after say, 3 hours of play time.  Soniks will squeak alright, but the sound is above the range of humans, making Soniks the only squeak toy that only dogs can hear!  Our only question is, how do we know it works?
Automatic Fetch Machine

Dogs would play fetch all day if you let them. Even after we’ve tired out, dogs are still ready to play, and play…  “GoDogGo” will play with your dog for as long as he wants, automatically throwing the balls for you, at intervals you specify.  It even comes with a remote control! So sit on the patio with a nice cold lemonade and play fetch at the same time!
Dog Translator

Straight from Japan comes the “revolutionary” dog translator.  “Bow-Lingual” is a computer based device consisting of a wireless microphone that is attached to your dog’s collar, and a handset with an lcd screen.  The microphone picks up the bark of your dog, and transmits it to the handset.  Then this “barkprint” is analyzed and placed into one of six emotional categories.  Then an appropriate phrase is displayed on the screen such as “I’m dominant” or “Are you a friend or an enemy?”.  This would have made it higher on the list, but we’re just not sure if it works or not.  Let us know if you’ve tried one out!
This was available on asseenontv.com, but the link no longer works.  Not a good sign.
Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Litter-Robot claims to make cleaning the litter box as simple as changing a garbage bag.  It separates the waste clumps from the clean litter, and deposits the waste into a chamber at the bottom of the device.  You pull the chamber out, and remove the plastic bag.  No fuss, no muss!
http://www.catsplay.com/litter robot.php3
Dog Powered Scooter

Save the environment, and give Fido some much needed exercise with the Dog Powered Scooter.  It uses a special frame to “attach” your dog to a regular scooter, but still leaves you in control of steering and braking.  Do you think this guy got his inspiration from The Flintstones?
Pet Feeder Webcam

ISeePet enables you to communicate with and feed your pet, all through the internet!  So if you’re late coming home from work, you can log in, and the order the device to release its cache of dry dog food.  You can even order the device to sound a dinner bell!  Unfortunately, the device is only available in Japan.
Cat Toilet Seat

A great way to save money on kitty litter (the website claims you will save thousands of dollars over the life of your cat), the “Cat Seat” can first be used on the floor to train your cat to use it for his “business”, using regular kitty litter.  After awhile, place it onto your toilet seat, and your cat will use the toilet just like people! Very convenient, and enables you to take hilarious photos like this one!>
GPS Pet Finder

Keep track of your dog, cat, almost any animal (won’t work with fish) with the Global Pet Finder.  You can “build” a virtual fence for your pet through the companies website, by entering your address and the size of fence you want.  If your pet wanders outside the boundaries of the fence, a text message is sent to your cell phone, pager, etc with the exact location of your pet!
Hypo-Allergenic Cats

Just like Jurassic Park, but with cats!  But don’t worry, your new pet won’t attempt to eat you alive, although they will stop you from sneezing!  These hypo-allergenic cats are genetically engineered to suppress the allergens secreted by the cat’s skin and salivary glands.  Other than that, they are normal, friendly, affectionate and playful.  Just don’t move too fast around them, they see by detecting movement! Just kidding.
Amazing And Innovative Pet Inventions!
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