How To Tell A Cat From A Dog!
The differences between cats and dogs explained!  Except for the fact that a cat is a four footed, furry domestic animal, you should find little resemblance between a cat and a dog.  The sooner you discern this fact, the better!
In spite of this seemingly self-centered approach to life, the cat is a very loving animal; he craves your attention and affection, but he wants it on his own terms.  You train a dog.  A cat thinks obeying commands somewhat beneath his dignity.  A dogís personality varies with the breed.  Each cat however, is a true individual, regardless of its breed.  His charm lies in the fact that no cat is like any other, and all are full of surprises.

Most cats want to be near you, but they donít fawn over you.  They treat you as an equal.  You can always be the center of a dogís world; you will never be the center of a catís world.  Unlike a dog, who is a born joiner, a cat is a born loner.  He is self-possessed, knows exactly what he wants and where he is going.  Independent? Yes.  But independent in the sense of being mature, not indifferent.

You appreciate a dog for his responsiveness to you-a cat for his beauty, grace, and intelligence, combined with subtle signs of affection.

So before you adopt a cat, be sure you donít want a cat that acts like a dog.  There is no such animal!
Let us explain.  The relationship you have with a cat is entirely different from the one you have with a dog.  A dog will go all out to win your favor-the cat is not even remotely interested in doing something just to please you.  If you are happy with HIM, thatís your doing, not his!
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