Homemade Doggy Bad Breath Cures
Bad Breath Cookies For Dogs

One and a half cups flour (whole wheat)
One and a half cups Bisquick baking mix
Half a cup loosely packed mint leaves
Quarter cup fresh cold milk
Four tsb butter or margarine
One medium sized egg
One and a half tbs corn or maple syrup
Has your dog's bad breath gotten out of control?  Here's a simple mint cookie recipe that will cure the worst doggy breath!  And dogs love them, too!
Preparation Instructions:
Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor, process until well mixed, mint is chopped, and a large ball forms. Press or roll on non-stick work surface (floured board or ceramic) to a thickness of a quarter to half an inch. Cut into one by two inch strips, or with bone-shaped cookie cutter and place on non-stick cookie pan. Bake at 375 for twenty minutes or until browned lightly.  Cool and store in tupperware container.

Makes about 40 small cookies, enjoy!
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