Elbow Dysplasia In Dogs:
Which Breeds Can Be Affected?

Mostly large breeds of dogs suffer from elbow dysplasia, breeds such as the Great Pyrenees, Retrievers, St.Bernard, Weimaraner, Newfoundland Dog, Irish Wolfhound, Mastiff, German Shepherd, Afghan Hound and more.

How Do I Know My Dog Has Elbow Dysplasia?

Your dog's symptoms may be quite subtle in the beginning, and you may not notice any lameness or indicators of pain at first.  But if you do, it will most likely be right after your dog gets up, or starts to run or walk.  If you or your vet suspect a problem, an examination, x-ray and/or CT scan will be performed.  The earlier the problem is diagnosed, the better.

How Will My Veterinarian Treat The Disorder?

Usually, surgery is recommended to remove the cartilage or bone fragment(s) that are the source of the problem.  Surgery may also help to relieve pressure if unequal bone growth is the cause.  After surgery, anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to help with any discomfort.
Elbow Dysplasia In Dogs.
Elbow Dysplasia
Yellow Arrow:
Space Between Ulna And Radius
Red Arrow:
Missing Cranial Border Of Coronoid Process
White Arrow:
Osteoarthrosis Of The Ulnar Bone
Elbow Dysplasia is a disease which can affect both front legs of your dog.  It may be caused by osteochondritis dissecans, an abnormality in the maturation of cartilage.  It is an inherited condition, but other factors like activity, trauma and/or diet can have a role in its development.  This disorder, left untreated, can lead to complete lameness.
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