Watch For Symptoms
Some symptoms of rabies include personality changes in the animal such as irritability, isolation and anti-social behavior.  The dog will become restless, lose her appetite, and appears sensitive to light and touch.  In the last stages she may drool, bite, lose muscle control, foam at the mouth, and collapse.  In humans, symptoms of rabies usually start to appear within 8 weeks, although there have been cases where symptoms were not present until after more than one year.  Human symptoms of rabies are similar to those of the flu, including fever, nausea, sore throat, stiff muscles and loss of appetite.  Later, more serious symptoms can develop such as anxiety, confusion, insomnia, hallucinations, breathing problems, paralysis and coma.

Rabies Treatment For Dogs
If you suspect your dog has contracted rabies, you must notify your public health authority immediately.  If you do not contact them, it can very well endanger yourself, your family, and your community. The authorities will quarantine the animal (where budgets allow) and observe it for 7-10 days, and watch for symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no cure for rabies and if your animal contracts the disease, will have to be put down. 
Rabies is a virus infection that is transmitted through the bite of affected animals and may affect a great many species, including man.  Since the disease is transmissible to man its control is a public health problem and dog populations are, therefore, subject to regulatory measures covering restriction of movement, quarantine and vaccination programs.  Although the probability of your dog being exposed to rabies will vary greatly by areas, it is recommended that you have your dog vaccinated.  In many areas rabies vaccinations are required by law.  Consult your veterinarian as to the age when this vaccination program should be started.
Reported Rabies Cases In The U.S. In 2004.
Source: Centre For Disease Control, Washington D.C.
Rabies In Animals And Humans:
Rabies Treatment For Humans
If you are bitten by an animal that you suspect may have rabies, you must immediately wash the bite with soap and water, and get to a doctor as soon as possible.  You will be given a series of injections: The first given near the site of the bite has antibodies that fight the virus before it can make its way to the central nervous system.  Unfortunately this protection only lasts for about two weeks.  Over the next several weeks, you will be given five more injections that will help your system to make antibodies to further fight the rabies virus.  This will provide you with long lasting protection against the virus.
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