Treatment For Leptospirosis In Dogs:

Leptospirosis responds well to antibiotic treatment, and the prognosis is usually good.  Hospitalization might be required.  Note that the urine of an affected dog is infectious for up to a year, for dogs and humans.  This is true even when the dog's symptoms have disappeared. It would be a good idea to discuss ways of avoiding contamination with your vet.
Leptospiros In Dogs Causes And Symptoms:

Leptospirosis is an acute infectious disease of dogs, spread through contact of the mouth or nasal membranes with the urine of either an infected dog or rat.  Within 5 to 15 days after such exposure the disease begins with a sudden rise in body temperature, weakness, refusal to eat and vomiting.  These symptoms are not unlike those of the initial phase of distemper or hepatitis, however, breathing is labored and one may observe some evidence of stiffness, particularly in the hind legs.
Leptospirosis In Dogs: Symptoms And Treatment
An electron micrograph of Leptospira spp.  Note the corkscrew appearance of the bacterium.
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