Pyrenean Shepherd Dog: Health Issues & Personality
Pyrenean Shepherd Dog:

The smallest of the French sheep dogs, with its mischievous chestnut eyes, the Pyrenean Shepherd Dog (aka Berger Des Pyrenees) almost resembles a little brown bear.  Valiant and sure-footed, these dogs served in the First World War as guards and scouts for wounded soldiers.

The faithful Shepherd makes a trusty watchdog, but its independent nature requires discipline tempered with affection from its owner.  They are one of the easiest to train dog breeds.

The Pyrenean Shepherd has long led a close existence with its larger herding partner, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  Its numbers were greatly reduced in the First World War, but the breed recovered and was officially recognized in 1926.

The robust and healthy Shepherd must be brushed regularly to prevent eczema, and required extensive exercise.

Average Lifespan Of The Pyrenean Shepherd Dog:
14-15 years.

Average Weight:
18-34 lbs.

Inherited Health Disorders:

Pyrenean Shepherd
Dog Temperament:
Exercise Requirements: 4/5
Affection Level: 4/5
Friendliness-Other Pets:
Friendliness-Strangers: 3/5
Ease Of Training:

About The Ratings:

Exercise Requirements:
1: Low, 5: High
Affection Level:
1: Introverted, 5: Extroverted.
Friendliness-Other Pets:
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
Ease Of Training:
1: Most Difficult, 5: Least Difficult.
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