Kuvasz: Health Issues & Personality

The Kuvasz breed exudes strength and dignity.  This herding dog is solidly built and has a majestic gait.  Its name, from the Turkish kawasz, means "guard" or "protector".  The Kuvasz was originally used to defend both sheep and nobleman.  Intelligent, courageous, and suspicious of strangers, Kuvaszok are fine guard dogs. In fact, they are known as one of the best guard dog breeds.
Be sure to exercise your Kuvasz daily with a long walk or run in a safe area.

These otherwise docile dogs are easily trained, make playful, faithful pets, but are not overly affectionate.

Average Lifespan Of The Kuvasz: 9-12 years.
Average Weight: Males: 88-110lbs. Females: 66-93lbs.

Inherited Health Disorders:

Hip Dysplasia
Kuvasz Temperament:
Exercise Requirements: 4/5
Affection Level: 1/5
Friendliness-Other Pets:
Friendliness-Strangers: 1/5
Ease Of Training:

About The Ratings:
Exercise Requirements:
1: Low, 5: High
Affection Level:
1: Introverted, 5: Extroverted.
Friendliness-Other Pets:
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
Ease Of Training:
1: Most Difficult, 5: Least Difficult.
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