Komondor: Health Issues & Personality

Solid and impressive in its thick, white, corded coat, the muscular Komondor has a graceful gait.  In snowy regions police have used these dogs as trackers but their principle role has always been to protect lifestock.  For centuries Hungarian shepherds have relied on the breed to protect their flocks from bears, wolves, and brigands.  Some American ranchers now use Komondors to fight off coyote packs that kill as many as a million sheep a year.  The dogs have substantially reduced the killings.

The Komondor, a loyal pet, is wary of strangers (one of the top 10 most effective guard dogs), yet gentle with children.

Average Lifespan Of The Komondor: 10-12 years.
Average Weight: 7lbs.

Inherited Health Disorders:

Hip Dysplasia

Gastric Torsion: Twisting of the stomach that traps the stomach contents and gases, and can lead to death if not treated.  Also known as "bloat".
Komondor Temperament:
Exercise Requirements: 3/5
Affection Level: 4/5
Friendliness-Other Pets:
Friendliness-Strangers: 1/5
Ease Of Training:

About The Ratings:

Exercise Requirements:
1: Low, 5: High
Affection Level:
1: Introverted, 5: Extroverted.
Friendliness-Other Pets:
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
Ease Of Training:
1: Most Difficult, 5: Least Difficult.
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