Cryptorchidism (Undropped Testicles) In Dogs:
What If My Dog Has Cryptorchidism?
It is usually recommended by professionals to have both of the testicles removed, even if only one hasn't dropped.  This procedure is called a bilateral castration.  This is necessary because if a testicle remains in the abdomen or groin tissue, it may become cancerous.

Treatment Of Cryptorchidism:
The procedure is not much more complicated than a regular castration, it only requires a small incision to reach the undropped testicle.  It will take approximately 2 weeks for your dog to recover from the procedure fully, in which he should be kept inside the house as much as possible to rest.  Be sure to monitor the incision(s) carefully for any discharge, discoloration or swelling.  Your dog may need to wear a special collar that prevents him from licking or chewing at the incision(s).  The sutures are usually removed within two weeks.

How Is Cryptorchidism Prevented?
Because it is believed that Cryptorchidism is an inherited disorder, the only real prevention method is castration, to prevent passing on the condition to additional dogs.
Cryptorchidism is a birth disorder in dogs. It means one (or both) of the testicles in a newborn pup fail to descend properly into the scrotum from the abdomen, where they develop.  If the puppy reaches at least 2 to 4 months old, there is virtually no chance that any further descent will happen.  The undescended testicles(s) will remain in the abdomen, or it may be located in the groin (inguinal) tissues. In many cases, the owner is not aware that their dog suffers from this condition until they bring the animal in for a regular castration.  Lab tests are not usually required to diagnose the condition, although in some cases an ultrasound may be performed to make sure, or a simple measure of blood testosterone.
Above: Cryptorchidism Is More Common In Afghan Hounds.
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