Turkish Angora Cat Breed: History, Temperament & Health Issues
The Turkish Angora At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: Turkey
Dates Of Origin: 1400's
Average Weight Range: 6-11 lbs.
Temperament Of The Turkish Angora: Energetic Exhibitionist, Vocal.
Breed Colors Of The Turkish Angora: A wide variety of colors and color combination is acceptable.

With fine bones and a silky coat, the Turkish Angora is a vivacious, quick-witted, and quick-moving cat.  Its medium-long coat is probably the result of a mutation that occurred centuries ago in an isolated population of domestic cats in central Asia.  As with other breeds, white blue-eyed cats may be partially or totally deaf.  This is due to a color gene defect.

History Of The Turkish Angora:

Originating in the 1400's, Turkish Angoras reached France and Britain in the 17th century.  However, by the early 1900's, cross breeding with other longhaired cats had led to the virtual extinction of the breed outside Turkey.  The breed is said to have been saved through a program at Ankara zoo.  Although this may be a rather romanticized tale, the breed is now protected in Turkey.  Turkish Angoras are not recognized in Britain.

Common Turkish Angora Health Issues:

Possible Deafness (In Cats With Blue Eyes)
Luxating Patella (Kneecap)
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