Devon Rex Cat: History, Temperament & Common Health Issues
The Devon Rex At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: Great Britain
Dates Of Origin: 1960
Average Weight Range: 6-9 lbs.
Temperament Of The Devon Rex: Appealing Clown
Breed Colors Of The Devon Rex: All colors and patterns, including pointed.

Startling eyes and oversized ears give the Devon Rex the look of an elfin clown.  The temperament follows suit - a Devon Rex is seldom elegant and always finds life amusing.  This, together with its coat, earned it the nickname "poodle cat".  Its coat has also led to unsubstantiated claims of non-allergenic qualities.

History Of The Devon Rex:

In 1960, a curly coated cat in Devon, southwest England, and a local female produced a normal litter with one curly-coated kitten, named Kirlee.  Kirlee's parents were almost certainly related, and inbreeding was needed to perpetuate the Devon Rex.  Unfortunately, early inbreeding brought to light a genetic spasticity syndrome, which is being studied as part of the Feline Genome Project.

Common Devon Rex Health Issues:

Heart Disease
Easy Loss Of Body Heat

Hip Dysplasia
Spasticity (aka Cerebellar Hypoplasia): A very rare brain disorder that can cause perception, mobility and sight problems.  There is no cure, but cats that suffer from the disorder can lead normal lives. However, they should be supervised as much as possible for the cat's safety.
Luxating Patella (Kneecap)
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