American Curl Breed: History, Temperament & Health
The American Curl At A Glance:

Place Of Origin: United States
Dates Of Origin: 1981
Average Weight Range: 7-11 lbs
Temperament Of The American Curl: Quietly affable, polite and friendly
Breed Colors Of The American Curl: A wide variety of colors and color combinations is acceptable.
This elegant and sweet-tempered breed comes in two coats, short and long.  The extent of curl to the ears is graded in three stages: cats with ears just turned back (first degree) become pets, those with more curl (second degree) are used for breeding, and those with full crescents (third degree) are shown.  The curled ears should be handled with care, uncurling them may damage the cartilage.

History Of The American Curl:

American Curls are the result of a genetic mutation that occurred in the United States in the early 1980's in a black, longhaired stray kitten named Shulamith.  Half of her kittens also showed curled ears, a genetically dominant characteristic, and were distributed to form a breeding program.

Common American Curl Health Issues:

Ear Infections
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